Look at the program only as the objective states

Sep 04

N1 G21

N2 G90 G00 G54 X1000 Y500 S800 M03

N3 G43 Z50 H01 M08

N4 G99 G81 R25 Z-#3 F1500


N5 G80 Z50 M09

N6 G28 X1000 Y500 Z50 M05

N7 M30

H beam high-speed Drilling


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 9

Look at the program only as the objective states – was the ob jec tive achieved? The ex am ple

shows yes, it was The to tal Z-axis tool travel will be Z-215 (this is in di cated at the con trol as

Dis tance -To-Go) Re mem ber, the ‘dis tance to go’ is mea sured from the start point punch machine for Head (R-level) to the

Z-depth What is the re turned value of Busway Press Clamp Machine vari able #3? Once the pro gram is com pleted (M30 func –

tion), or the re set but ton is pressed, all lo cal vari ables are cleared The screen dis play of macro

vari ables will show no val ues There are no vari able data shown, be cause there are no vari able

data stored – all were flushed out of the mem ory, be cause they were de fined as lo cal vari ables

There is no need to keep a value al ready used in the mem ory, once the job is done If the same

pro gram is applied for a dif fer ent drill di am e ter and/or plate thick ness, just change the #1 and/or

#2 vari ables, and the new val ues of the Z-depth will be cal cu lated au to mat i cally and cor rectly for

any 118掳 tool point an gle (within the macro framework)!

There are other parts of the pro gram that could ben e fit from vari able data, but the fo cus of the

examples is on the Z-depth cal cu la tion only As an im prove ment, for ex am ple, the spin dle speed

and the feedrate would have to change with each drill di am e ter and a few other data as well

2 Example 2

In the sec ond ver sion of the ex am ple, only a mi nor change will be drilling tools made Look at the cal cu la tion

of the Z-#3 in block N4 above? The cal cu la tion of vari able #3 al ways pro duces a pos i tive re sult, but in the pro gram, the Z-depth must be neg a tive By making two changes in the pro gram, the re –

sult of the #3 cal cu la tion will be neg a tive a

given thick ness Sev eral ver sions of the pro gram will show

Sep 04

given thick ness Sev eral ver sions of the pro gram will show the continuously improved progress in development and use of the many available programming tools

Compare copper busbar bending machine the dif fer ences be tween in di vid ual pro grams

The first few ex am ples will use lo cal vari ables, later ex am ples will use com mon vari ables

Using Local Variables

A re minder – all lo cal vari ables used by the pro gram will be dis carded when M30 or M99 is ex e –

cuted, or when the RESET key at the con trol panel is pressed

2 Example 1

In the Busway Press Clamp Machine ini tial ver sion, eval u a tion of the job finds that four items have to be dealt with:


H beam sawing Machine

Drill diameter


Plate custom processing machine thickness


Tool point length


Clearance for the drill penetration

In or der to make the pro gram flex i ble, choose the drill and the plate thick ness as vari able data,

then se lect de faults for the tool point length and the pen e tra tion clear ance To store the drill di a m –

e ter, vari able #1 will be used, to store the plate thick ness, vari able #2 will be used Since only

118掳 point an gle drills will be used, the stan dard de fault con stant of 03 is used to cal cu late the

tool point length (for mula de ter min ing the con stant is listed later in this sec tion) The other de fault

in the pro gram will be the clear ance be low the plate for the drill pen e tra tion Se lec tion of 15 mm

is rea son able The first pro gram with macro fea tures uses a very sim ple and ba sic ap proach:


#1 = 150


#2 = 130



#3 = #1*03+#2+15



the inner most function of the supplied data is processed first

Sep 03

as nested func tions) are al ways eval u ated from the in side out That

means the inner most function of the supplied data is processed first, then the next func tion, then

the one af ter and so on and on In the test ex am ple, the in ner most func tion for #149 vari able def i –

ni tion is ROUND[#148]

Since the pre vi ously stored value of vari able #148 is 28334253, the func tion is eval u ated as

ROUND[28334253], and its re turn value is 3 At this point, the func tion looks like this:

#149 = #[FUP[#[3]]]

cnc drill Machine

where the re turn value of the ROUND func tion has been sub sti tuted The new in ner most func –

tion now is #[3] That is a ref er ence to a vari able #3 From the ear lier def i ni tion, in the G65

state ment, #3 is des ig nated by the C let ter and had been as signed value of 1427 The def i ni tion at this point looks like this:

#149 = #[FUP[1427]]

where the pre vi ously stored value hydraulic busbar cutter hole punching machine of the #3 has re placed the in ner cal cu la tion The new cur –

rent in ner drilling steel most cal cu la tion is FUP[1427] The FUP func tion re turns the next higher in te ger,

which is 2 in this case So the next ver sion of the eval u a tion is:

#149 = #[2]

This is a sim ple form to eval u ate:

#149 = #[2]

is the same as

#149 = #2

Since #2 is de fined by the B let ter in the G65 macro call and B is equal to 420, there fore, the fi nal mean ing – the ever im por tant re turn value – of vari able #149 is:

#149 = 420

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Approach to Practical Applications

This sec tion in cludes sev eral sam ples of stan dard pro grams and mac ros work ing to gether The

fol low ing ex am ples il lus trate the macro for mat and the prac ti cal use of vari ables in dif fer ent ways

As in a stan dard CNC pro gram, when writ ing a macro, there has to be a pur pose – an ob jec tive In

the ex am ples, the sin gle ob jec tive is to use macro fea tures to cal cu late the Z-depth for a drill cut –

ting through a plate of a

PMC is Fanuc ver sion of PLC

Sep 03

mable Machine Control, and is not available on all Fanuc control models) PMC is Fanuc ver sion of PLC – Pro gram ma ble Logic Con trol ler The two

func tions as so ci ated with the con ver sion are:


BCD func tion con verts Bi nary Coded Dec i mal for mat into a Bi nary for mat, and the BIN func –

tion con verts Bi nary for mat into a Bi nary Coded Dec i mal for mat These are not cnc cutter com mon func tions in a typ i cal macro ap pli ca tion, but if used, the knowl edge of bi nary num bers is es sen tial

Evaluation of Functions – Special Test

CNC Beam Drilling Machine

The knowl edge of how Fanuc con trol sys tem ac tu ally eval u ates macro func tions is a crit i cal el e –

ment of any macro pro gram ming The next page con tains a very com pre hen sive test that cov ers as

many func tions as pos si ble, sev eral of them de pend ent on each other All an swers are pro vided as

re turned val ues next to the macro state ment, ex cept the last one, which is a spe cial chal lenge (see

com ments fol low ing the test) The test is based on the fol low ing G65 block:

G65 P8888 B420 C1427 H300 X0003

Four arguments defined for the test

The custom processing machine above block calls a macro pro gram O8888 and passes four de fined ar gu ments to vari ables

B=#2=420, C=#3=1427, H=#11=300 and X=#24=0003 The macro O8888 has been

spe cif i cally de signed for train ing pur poses and ap plies var i ous func tions as ex am ples of us age

The or der of data en try must be fol lowed as pre sented Place a sheet of pa per to hide the re turn

val ues from view, take a cal cu la tor, and try to iden tify the re turn val ues be fore look ing at the re –

sults (all lead ing ze ros that may ap pear on the con trol screen are omit ted in the re turned val ues):

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros




#100 = #11


#101 best mill drill = #2

How to maintain the hydraulic cylinder

Feb 06

Because the hydraulic cylinder to withstand a lot of pressure, the heavier the load, its pressure will be greater, therefore, do a good job of hydraulic cylinder maintenance angle mark machine work is the most important part of the maintenance of the hydraulic system.
Hydraulic cylinder is equivalent to the heart of the hydraulic system, the heart problem is difficult to repair, so the maintenance of hydraulic cylinder is to be careful and meticulous.

Angle Punching machine
First, to rust. Because the hydraulic piston part of the piston in the working state is out of the chamfer machine cylinder, naturally subject to oxide, acid gas erosion, which requires us to apply it to the appropriate amount of grease to protect, so as not to load-bearing parts of the piston Erosion and breakage may occur at work.
Secondly, to open the box oil change. Because of prolonged use band saw machine, it is inevitable that foreign matter into the hydraulic cylinder, so that friction will occur in use increased phenomenon, In addition, the hydraulic oil is a certain life, a long time without oil will damage or erode the hydraulic cylinder internal.

Energy Saving Measures of Fan Coil

Jan 24

With the rising cost of energy and people’s environmental protection requirements, so that the use of fan coil equipment more energy-saving environmental protection has become a fan coil manufacturers and users of common concern Angle Punching. Through the operation of the test, Baoxin found that the following measures can achieve a certain energy-saving effect:

1, the fan coil system to maintain dry conditions of operation, the fan coil into the chilled water temperature must be raised to the dew point of the air temperature punching metal. Relative to the operating conditions of the wet conditions, chilled water temperature increases, the chiller COP value can be increased accordingly, the same energy consumption of the cooling capacity can be reduced accordingly.

2, high static pressure fan coil in high-end operation, the energy-saving effect of an average of 25% or more. If the air volume to mid-range, both fan coil input power will decline, but the AC induction motor efficiency decreased more, while the brushless PM motor fan coil efficiency will not change angle mark machine. Therefore, the fan coil in the long-term run-time energy-saving effect is more obvious. 3, in the wind turbine coil third gear wind speed design, high-grade wind speed higher than the conventional design of 20% to 30%.

China’s precision punching industry strategy is what?

Dec 26

China’s precision punching industry strategy is what? There is no doubt that the Chinese punch tool industry has made remarkable achievements in the world. From the institutional and mechanism point of view, the original state-owned enterprises as the main market structure, has been broken busbar machine, almost all of the state-owned enterprises of the joint-stock reform. A state-owned, private and foreign capital has a new competitive landscape has been formed; from the product structure point of view, the production of CNC punch has been greatly improved. China’s high-speed punch industry achievements for all to see, is proud of. However, the outbreak of the international financial crisis, and further highlights the original punch industry in China already exists. Or in the first half of 2008, when the punch tool industry has emerged three obvious: growth rate dropped significantly, middle and low product market was shrinking, high-grade CNC punch imports increased significantly. On the one hand, the economy of CNC punch press and the trend of high-end CNC punch there was a significant differentiation cnc drill machine, the general increase in punch inventory, overcapacity; the other hand, high-end large punch orders are still full, there is a trend in short supply.

So contrasting contrast, so that many people of insight on the existence of the punch industry in China has been at a glance. As for the ordinary punch and the economic way of the NC punch press? China’s economic development of a high degree of imbalance, determines the general punch and economic NC punch still has its own living space. The key to survival, or to improve the ability of independent innovation. The main battlefield of independent innovation is the market, not the laboratory. Independent innovation is to find the real consumer market demand for a way of thinking, through independent innovation and enterprises to discover and meet the domestic market real consumer demand. From 1952, the first CNC punch has appeared more than 50 years, the emergence of CNC punch press began to intelligent development chamfer tool, human beings are greeted by an era of intelligent production tools. This is China’s punch industry, is undoubtedly a rare strategic development opportunities. Seize this opportunity, China will achieve a breakthrough in the development of punching industry, punching power will become a power punch.

Mechanical properties of co – forging precision punching presses

Dec 26

Mechanical properties of co – forging precision punching presses Precision punch press with other non-comparable performance, which reflected in what areas? Precision punch press bed material using high-grade, high-strength cast iron and to stress tempering and natural aging treatment to ensure that the deformation coefficient is small, precision and stability. Precision press lubrication system is fully enclosed forced lubrication, the original industrial duct design, the main body of the process of cooling faster and more natural. Precision punching machine with high-precision processing equipment, rigorous process guarantee, a variety of (including magnetic filter, including) filtration system to ensure that institutions of dynamic friction coefficient <0.03. A, press hydraulic locking system \u0026 ndash; 250㎏f / cm \u0026 sup2 ;, high-voltage automatic locking system to facilitate the operation and to ensure the locking force, solid and accurate.

B, punch equipped with standard * state balance device to achieve high-speed operation of the smooth operation of the main parts to improve the service life adjustable stand. C, punch microcomputer control system \u0026 ndash; direct display punch status and fault conditions steel beam fabrication, top dead center stop control, easy to mold and system self-test, easy to understand and troubleshooting. Precision punch air pressure system \u0026 ndash; all use SMC standard components busbar punching machine, to ensure system stability. Precision punching school mold operation control system, the separation of structural settings, self-locking function to improve the safety of operation, the reliability and accuracy of the school model. Precision punch on the main system punch with pressure display, pressure switch protection and other measures to improve the stability of the system.

Co-forging precision punching technology

Dec 26

Co-forging precision punching technology, quality assurance Precision punching is an advanced precision molding with plastic processing less no cutting process technology, in a Chongzai process can get high dimensional accuracy, shear surface roughness is good, and has a three-dimensional shape (the use of composite forming technology ) Of the parts, it has high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, the characteristics of a wide range of applications. A, precision punch parts size tolerance can reach T7 \u0026 mdash; T8 grade accuracy, the roughness of the shear surface can be achieved Ra0.8 \u0026 mdash; 0.4 m. B, precision punch for many complex parts, such as gears, ratchet, sprocket, cam and other flat parts, a fine blanking process can be completed, only a few seconds, reducing a large number of milling, planing, grinding, boring And other cutting processes, can improve efficiency more than 10 times. C, precision punching process not only saves a large number of cutting process due to reduce the energy consumption of cutting machine work, and because the surface after the punch has a strong cold hardening effect can sometimes replace the order of the quenching process and reduce costs and energy consumption cnc machines for sale. D, precision punching machine covers a wide range of applications plate punching machine. Has been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, computers, household appliances, instruments, the amount of cutting tools, and other fields. A considerable part of the casting, forging blanks by cutting the parts, but also tend to use precision punching process or precision punch compound production process sheet metal fabrication.

market competition Steel Beam Drilling Machine

Dec 26

Co-forging precision presses, high-quality presses, professional punch IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, continuously improves the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff girth welding machine, confirms the quality target and the principle of compliance, and ensures the advanced position and reliability of IPM precision punching machine in the market competition Steel Beam Drilling Machine. Company production of high-quality presses, low-cost presses cnc plate drilling machine, IPM punch is your trusted professional punch manufacturer, please call to discuss: info@ipmmc.com

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