Influence of Die Material of Punch on Operation

Oct 20

In order to solve this problem, you need to troubleshoot the problem, so how to deal with grinding punch punch machine can not return to punch failure, by the slider tightly on the handle, press the connection, through the punching machine Of the table fixed with the guide pin of the template, the upper and lower die, guide sleeve.

Work, stripping stop pin, waterfall and slider mode, first press the location of the stripper plate material, and then press the punch mold material. In the die-cutting round billet positioning, downward movement, blank pressure, from the hole, and continue to fall into the cavity, resulting in permanent deformation stamping die material, after processing the workpiece required. When the workpiece between the punch and the top sheet is held, the waste is firmly fixed to the punch. In the camera mode, the punch presses the spring work piece by spring force from the die; wasting a spring through the discharge plate while passing through the discharge plate, so as to complete the whole process. The material is sent to the step, for the next process, and so on.

There are a number of reasons why punching molds are unloaded, the reason for the different treatments is different:

1, accurate positioning Inaccurate positioning or feed device can be adjusted or fed to the device.

2, guide pin, causing the movement is not in the solution smoothly, can replace the guide column.

3, puncture injury or appearance is not smooth, but also can form the punch mold emissions, can be solved, not stamping.

4, lifting equipment set unreasonable, reset.

5, the shortage of ejector or removal of material shortage, by changing the spring or spring processing separator.

In the punch press, the slide block is driven by the mold so that the action, the main and auxiliary stamping effects, the slider should follow certain principles to meet the processing requirements, then the design, the slider should follow the principle design.

1. Installed in the punch Press the slider of the body should be simple, compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, as far as possible by the sliding body of the geometric center of the sliding parts center.

2. To ensure the accuracy of the slider, it should have the appropriate accuracy requirements, guide length is sufficient.

3. Reasonable cross-sectional dimensions and strength of the plate position, under the premise of strength and stiffness, minimize the weight of the slider, travel.

Because the slider structure is relatively complex, in the design process to pay attention to it, more carefully considered.

In order to solve this problem, need to deal with failure, then how should deal with the failure of the punch punch punch can not be punched, the punch through the mold block stamping, punching machine connection, Stamping machine table used in the next fixed template, the upper and lower die with the guide column, guide sleeve guide.

When working, the steel strip to the position of the stop pin, when the mold with the slider on the waterfall, first press the material of the stripper plate, and then punch the stamping die material. The punch blank is positioned in the lower die, moving downward in blank pressure, from the hole, and continues to descend into the cavity, resulting in permanent deformation of the material in the stamping die after the desired workpiece is machined. When the workpiece is clamped between the punch and the top block, the waste is also firmly fixed to the press. Punch manufacturers in the camera mode, the top piece of the workpiece through the elastic spring force ejector from the mold; the same time to waste in the hoop, the discharge plate by the spring of elastic, thus completing the entire process. Material sent to a step, for the next step of the process, so back and forth.

There are many reasons for the press die unloading, the reasons for different treatment methods are not the same:

1, the precise positioning of feeding equipment is not accurate or feeding adjustable feeding or positioning device.

2, the internal guide column pull, resulting in uneven movement can be replaced within the column-oriented solutions.

3, perforation damage or appearance is not smooth, but also the formation of stamping die discharge, can replace the stamping solution.

4, the top material device set unreasonable, reset.

5, the inadequacy of the ejector or remove the lack of material, by replacing the spring or spring handle stripper.

Punch, the role of the slider is to drive the mold to complete the action, mainly to play a secondary hot stamping effect, slider design should follow certain principles to meet the processing needs then, the slider should follow the design principles.

1. Installed on the punch slider on the various institutions should be simple structure, compact, rational layout, easy installation and adjustment, as far as possible so that the center of sliding components through the geometric center of the slider body.

2. In order to ensure the accuracy of the punch on the slider, it should have the appropriate accuracy requirements, and guide the length of sufficient.

3. Under the premise of strength and rigidity, reasonably determine the cross-sectional size and the location of the reinforcement plate to minimize the weight of the slider, travel.

4. Because the slider structure is more complex, in the design should be more careful attention to it in the process of comprehensive consideration.

On the punch mold how to maintain

Oct 10

Daily production capacity is mainly used to speculate punch presses per minute stroke number and the number of presses required to meet the production needs of the group. In this way, it is necessary to select the short-stroke high-speed punching machine for the processing of embryo and perforation. For the process of molding and extension, it is necessary to select the process characteristics such as parts processing characteristics, quality characteristics and tool characteristics. Long stroke and slower speed punching presses are used in the process of stamping, embossing and embossing. When the machine is in the bottom dead center, it has high energy short stroke punch.

1, punch mold use, the guide column and guide sleeve to add regular oil.

2, the re-production time in the upper and lower punch mold response to sliding parts and should be repeated on the edge of oil or stamping oil, and punch to see each fastening components are loose, timely detection and timely management, prevention of loose displacement, the formation of mold destruction And so on.

3, is strictly prohibited double punching punch, in addition to stamping materials, lubricants, cleaning hooks outside the Henan punch should leave the homework area.

4, the edge of iron powder is not sluggish too much, should be promptly disposed of inundation and timely accounting for waste.

5, the production of the mold after the implementation of the overall inspection, a comprehensive clear Sassafras, clear Sassafras should be promptly applied after the anti-rust oil, and press closed to ensure clean mold in order to facilitate the normal use from this.

Reasons for Broken Bits of 3 – D NC Drilling

Oct 07

Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing, so that the role of the drill is very important, but also three-dimensional CNC drilling machine is relatively easy to damage parts today, we come to understand the three- Causes of Broken Bits of CNC Drilling.
1. The drill bit blunt, but still continue drilling.
1. Drill the spiral groove is blocked by the chip, not in time to chip discharge.
3. When the hole is drilled fast, the feed is not reduced or the manual feed is changed.
4 drill brass soft metal, the drill horn too big, no horn grinding front, resulting in automatic precession drill.
5. Drill grinding is too sharp, resulting in chipping phenomenon, but did not quickly retreat.
The above mentioned is the cause of three-dimensional CNC drilling machine drill bit broken, since the root cause of the problem, it is not difficult to find a solution to this problem.

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