What are the decisive factors in punch machine life?

Nov 14

Punch machine manufacturers feel that the life of the punch press die depends on the closed mold of the high precision of the body of the fine thermal penalties to create exactly the punch press placement mold, close mold accessories and chisel monopoly, health and respect for the joints is not to be cautious following:

1, before the operation: through the pure mold sets of adjustment, all have chastity all components before the equipment, punch marks around the guide sleeve and the demolition of the dirt inspection valve mold lubrication; check guide sleeve, stamping, mold sliding reference individual Bumps the omission of glitches, such as a certain stone to gently remove the fraud; large station to mobilize the tactical installation of the punch, slide in the guide sleeve, is the top of a number of locking screw lift must be safe with the disassembly tools to lock.

2, on the turntable and punch at the end of the mold laying anti-fresh German love coaxial precision turntable.

3, in accordance with the order of mold assembly mold and punch to install the insurance purpose of the turntable in order to avoid the abnormal request more hard to control the mold object loaded wrong, anti-installed.

4 installation fixation, punch mold should be mold-mounted seat of the lock and tighten the screws after the review.

5, the punch mold should be trapped in a timely manner, grinding or grinding the use of flexible frivolous mold edge wear, wear and tear sheet metal stamping die material and die life. The idea of ​​punching is to change the circular motion into straight line dredging by the main electric head, the flywheel, the clutch-inspired gear, the crankshaft (or the eccentric gear) and the running of the quail, to realize the linear motion of the slider , From the main motor to the link for the active circular motion.

The link between the link and the slider need circular motion and linear motion of the transfer point, the negotiation is still there are two kinds of institutions, one for the ball type, one for the pin type (cylindrical), through this mechanism will circle The motion turns into a linear motion of the slider. The punch presses the material and makes it plastic deformation, and obtain the appearance and accuracy of the request, so it is necessary to join the group mold (sub-mold and die), the data placed in the meantime, Deformation, processing exerted on the force of the material compiled by the anti-persuasion force, by the impulse of the clumsy nature of the received.

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