Energy Saving Measures of Fan Coil

Jan 24

With the rising cost of energy and people’s environmental protection requirements, so that the use of fan coil equipment more energy-saving environmental protection has become a fan coil manufacturers and users of common concern Angle Punching. Through the operation of the test, Baoxin found that the following measures can achieve a certain energy-saving effect:

1, the fan coil system to maintain dry conditions of operation, the fan coil into the chilled water temperature must be raised to the dew point of the air temperature punching metal. Relative to the operating conditions of the wet conditions, chilled water temperature increases, the chiller COP value can be increased accordingly, the same energy consumption of the cooling capacity can be reduced accordingly.

2, high static pressure fan coil in high-end operation, the energy-saving effect of an average of 25% or more. If the air volume to mid-range, both fan coil input power will decline, but the AC induction motor efficiency decreased more, while the brushless PM motor fan coil efficiency will not change angle mark machine. Therefore, the fan coil in the long-term run-time energy-saving effect is more obvious. 3, in the wind turbine coil third gear wind speed design, high-grade wind speed higher than the conventional design of 20% to 30%.

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