China’s precision punching industry strategy is what?

Dec 26

China’s precision punching industry strategy is what? There is no doubt that the Chinese punch tool industry has made remarkable achievements in the world. From the institutional and mechanism point of view, the original state-owned enterprises as the main market structure, has been broken busbar machine, almost all of the state-owned enterprises of the joint-stock reform. A state-owned, private and foreign capital has a new competitive landscape has been formed; from the product structure point of view, the production of CNC punch has been greatly improved. China’s high-speed punch industry achievements for all to see, is proud of. However, the outbreak of the international financial crisis, and further highlights the original punch industry in China already exists. Or in the first half of 2008, when the punch tool industry has emerged three obvious: growth rate dropped significantly, middle and low product market was shrinking, high-grade CNC punch imports increased significantly. On the one hand, the economy of CNC punch press and the trend of high-end CNC punch there was a significant differentiation cnc drill machine, the general increase in punch inventory, overcapacity; the other hand, high-end large punch orders are still full, there is a trend in short supply.

So contrasting contrast, so that many people of insight on the existence of the punch industry in China has been at a glance. As for the ordinary punch and the economic way of the NC punch press? China’s economic development of a high degree of imbalance, determines the general punch and economic NC punch still has its own living space. The key to survival, or to improve the ability of independent innovation. The main battlefield of independent innovation is the market, not the laboratory. Independent innovation is to find the real consumer market demand for a way of thinking, through independent innovation and enterprises to discover and meet the domestic market real consumer demand. From 1952, the first CNC punch has appeared more than 50 years, the emergence of CNC punch press began to intelligent development chamfer tool, human beings are greeted by an era of intelligent production tools. This is China’s punch industry, is undoubtedly a rare strategic development opportunities. Seize this opportunity, China will achieve a breakthrough in the development of punching industry, punching power will become a power punch.

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