Co-forging precision punching technology

Dec 26

Co-forging precision punching technology, quality assurance Precision punching is an advanced precision molding with plastic processing less no cutting process technology, in a Chongzai process can get high dimensional accuracy, shear surface roughness is good, and has a three-dimensional shape (the use of composite forming technology ) Of the parts, it has high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, the characteristics of a wide range of applications. A, precision punch parts size tolerance can reach T7 \u0026 mdash; T8 grade accuracy, the roughness of the shear surface can be achieved Ra0.8 \u0026 mdash; 0.4 m. B, precision punch for many complex parts, such as gears, ratchet, sprocket, cam and other flat parts, a fine blanking process can be completed, only a few seconds, reducing a large number of milling, planing, grinding, boring And other cutting processes, can improve efficiency more than 10 times. C, precision punching process not only saves a large number of cutting process due to reduce the energy consumption of cutting machine work, and because the surface after the punch has a strong cold hardening effect can sometimes replace the order of the quenching process and reduce costs and energy consumption cnc machines for sale. D, precision punching machine covers a wide range of applications plate punching machine. Has been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, computers, household appliances, instruments, the amount of cutting tools, and other fields. A considerable part of the casting, forging blanks by cutting the parts, but also tend to use precision punching process or precision punch compound production process sheet metal fabrication.

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