Discussion on CNC System of Medium and High Grade Punch in China

Dec 26

Discussion on CNC System of Medium and High Grade Punch in China High-performance CNC system, spindle, nano-precision grating and other functional components and machine design and manufacture of the core technology, the development of high-end CNC punch the most critical factor. CNC system is equivalent to the brain of CNC machine tools, the value of the machine accounted for one-fifth. Its role is to set the user’s processing goals, converted into specific processing steps, the command machine. At present punching process, manufacturers of CNC machine tools in China, many are buying foreign CNC system, integrated with their own machine tools. In recent years, the domestic low-end CNC system to the basic foreign competitors out of the Chinese market; the high-end market is just the opposite bus bar bending machines, only accounted for less than one-tenth of domestic.

High-end CNC system is basically in the market, such as Farnaco and Siemens in the hands of manufacturers. Foreign high-end CNC system, high-speed and high-precision performance, as well as in the five-axis processing and intelligent than the performance of domestic products are good, and the average time to failure is four times the domestic product. CNC system architecture, hardware and software accessories, high-speed high-precision algorithm requires a long time to study and improve tube drilling machine. The backwardness of domestic electronic basic industry determines the weak performance of China’s high-end CNC system. In addition to the level of the gap between the CNC system, the key components of the weak field also limits the height of domestic machine tools. In some machine tool exhibition, can also see the application of domestic or high-end CNC system Siemens CNC machine tools, and foreign assembly of the same ‘brain’ compared to the machine, the speed is only one-third of foreign, error range is someone else .

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