given thick ness Sev eral ver sions of the pro gram will show

Sep 04

given thick ness Sev eral ver sions of the pro gram will show the continuously improved progress in development and use of the many available programming tools

Compare copper busbar bending machine the dif fer ences be tween in di vid ual pro grams

The first few ex am ples will use lo cal vari ables, later ex am ples will use com mon vari ables

Using Local Variables

A re minder – all lo cal vari ables used by the pro gram will be dis carded when M30 or M99 is ex e –

cuted, or when the RESET key at the con trol panel is pressed

2 Example 1

In the Busway Press Clamp Machine ini tial ver sion, eval u a tion of the job finds that four items have to be dealt with:


H beam sawing Machine

Drill diameter


Plate custom processing machine thickness


Tool point length


Clearance for the drill penetration

In or der to make the pro gram flex i ble, choose the drill and the plate thick ness as vari able data,

then se lect de faults for the tool point length and the pen e tra tion clear ance To store the drill di a m –

e ter, vari able #1 will be used, to store the plate thick ness, vari able #2 will be used Since only

118掳 point an gle drills will be used, the stan dard de fault con stant of 03 is used to cal cu late the

tool point length (for mula de ter min ing the con stant is listed later in this sec tion) The other de fault

in the pro gram will be the clear ance be low the plate for the drill pen e tra tion Se lec tion of 15 mm

is rea son able The first pro gram with macro fea tures uses a very sim ple and ba sic ap proach:


#1 = 150


#2 = 130



#3 = #1*03+#2+15



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