How to maintain the hydraulic cylinder

Feb 06

Because the hydraulic cylinder to withstand a lot of pressure, the heavier the load, its pressure will be greater, therefore, do a good job of hydraulic cylinder maintenance angle mark machine work is the most important part of the maintenance of the hydraulic system.
Hydraulic cylinder is equivalent to the heart of the hydraulic system, the heart problem is difficult to repair, so the maintenance of hydraulic cylinder is to be careful and meticulous.

Angle Punching machine
First, to rust. Because the hydraulic piston part of the piston in the working state is out of theĀ chamfer machine cylinder, naturally subject to oxide, acid gas erosion, which requires us to apply it to the appropriate amount of grease to protect, so as not to load-bearing parts of the piston Erosion and breakage may occur at work.
Secondly, to open the box oil change. Because of prolonged use band saw machine, it is inevitable that foreign matter into the hydraulic cylinder, so that friction will occur in use increased phenomenon, In addition, the hydraulic oil is a certain life, a long time without oil will damage or erode the hydraulic cylinder internal.

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