Machine precision, parallelism, oil quantity and pressure test and adjustment

Dec 09

1. All parts of the punching transmission system oiling point of the spit out of oil and pressure testing and adjustment best mill drill. 2. Leave the brake mechanism of the piston action brake angle, from the brake clearance and to make the amount of wear and tear of the test point check with the necessary adjustments. 3. Slide the gap between the guide rail and guide the measurement and friction surface, if necessary, make adjustments to adjust.

4 drilling machine online purchase. Pneumatic punch press flywheel bearings, etc. to add manual grease and pipe joints and other checks. 5. Balancing cylinder operating conditions and its oil lubrication system oil, joints and other test checks. 6. Punch motor and electrical circuit operating circuit insulation test of the insulation check. 7. Overall accuracy of the vertical degree of parallelism, such as the comprehensive gap adjustment, if necessary, calibration correction. 8 drilling machine process. Appearance and accessories of the cleanliness of the inspection and mechanical foot-based tightening screws, nuts and locking the level of inspection, if necessary, adjust. 9. Lubricating the oil system of the Pu pipeline valve cleaning and maintenance and inspection. 10. Pneumatic components of precision punch air system, piping and other clean maintenance and action test check.

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