Mechanical properties of co – forging precision punching presses

Dec 26

Mechanical properties of co – forging precision punching presses Precision punch press with other non-comparable performance, which reflected in what areas? Precision punch press bed material using high-grade, high-strength cast iron and to stress tempering and natural aging treatment to ensure that the deformation coefficient is small, precision and stability. Precision press lubrication system is fully enclosed forced lubrication, the original industrial duct design, the main body of the process of cooling faster and more natural. Precision punching machine with high-precision processing equipment, rigorous process guarantee, a variety of (including magnetic filter, including) filtration system to ensure that institutions of dynamic friction coefficient <0.03. A, press hydraulic locking system \u0026 ndash; 250㎏f / cm \u0026 sup2 ;, high-voltage automatic locking system to facilitate the operation and to ensure the locking force, solid and accurate.

B, punch equipped with standard * state balance device to achieve high-speed operation of the smooth operation of the main parts to improve the service life adjustable stand. C, punch microcomputer control system \u0026 ndash; direct display punch status and fault conditions steel beam fabrication, top dead center stop control, easy to mold and system self-test, easy to understand and troubleshooting. Precision punch air pressure system \u0026 ndash; all use SMC standard components busbar punching machine, to ensure system stability. Precision punching school mold operation control system, the separation of structural settings, self-locking function to improve the safety of operation, the reliability and accuracy of the school model. Precision punch on the main system punch with pressure display, pressure switch protection and other measures to improve the stability of the system.

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