On the punch mold how to maintain

Oct 10

Daily production capacity is mainly used to speculate punch presses per minute stroke number and the number of presses required to meet the production needs of the group. In this way, it is necessary to select the short-stroke high-speed punching machine for the processing of embryo and perforation. For the process of molding and extension, it is necessary to select the process characteristics such as parts processing characteristics, quality characteristics and tool characteristics. Long stroke and slower speed punching presses are used in the process of stamping, embossing and embossing. When the machine is in the bottom dead center, it has high energy short stroke punch.

1, punch mold use, the guide column and guide sleeve to add regular oil.

2, the re-production time in the upper and lower punch mold response to sliding parts and should be repeated on the edge of oil or stamping oil, and punch to see each fastening components are loose, timely detection and timely management, prevention of loose displacement, the formation of mold destruction And so on.

3, is strictly prohibited double punching punch, in addition to stamping materials, lubricants, cleaning hooks outside the Henan punch should leave the homework area.

4, the edge of iron powder is not sluggish too much, should be promptly disposed of inundation and timely accounting for waste.

5, the production of the mold after the implementation of the overall inspection, a comprehensive clear Sassafras, clear Sassafras should be promptly applied after the anti-rust oil, and press closed to ensure clean mold in order to facilitate the normal use from this.

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