PMC is Fanuc ver sion of PLC

Sep 03

mable Machine Control, and is not available on all Fanuc control models) PMC is Fanuc ver sion of PLC – Pro gram ma ble Logic Con trol ler The two

func tions as so ci ated with the con ver sion are:


BCD func tion con verts Bi nary Coded Dec i mal for mat into a Bi nary for mat, and the BIN func –

tion con verts Bi nary for mat into a Bi nary Coded Dec i mal for mat These are not cnc cutter com mon func tions in a typ i cal macro ap pli ca tion, but if used, the knowl edge of bi nary num bers is es sen tial

Evaluation of Functions – Special Test

CNC Beam Drilling Machine

The knowl edge of how Fanuc con trol sys tem ac tu ally eval u ates macro func tions is a crit i cal el e –

ment of any macro pro gram ming The next page con tains a very com pre hen sive test that cov ers as

many func tions as pos si ble, sev eral of them de pend ent on each other All an swers are pro vided as

re turned val ues next to the macro state ment, ex cept the last one, which is a spe cial chal lenge (see

com ments fol low ing the test) The test is based on the fol low ing G65 block:

G65 P8888 B420 C1427 H300 X0003

Four arguments defined for the test

The custom processing machine above block calls a macro pro gram O8888 and passes four de fined ar gu ments to vari ables

B=#2=420, C=#3=1427, H=#11=300 and X=#24=0003 The macro O8888 has been

spe cif i cally de signed for train ing pur poses and ap plies var i ous func tions as ex am ples of us age

The or der of data en try must be fol lowed as pre sented Place a sheet of pa per to hide the re turn

val ues from view, take a cal cu la tor, and try to iden tify the re turn val ues be fore look ing at the re –

sults (all lead ing ze ros that may ap pear on the con trol screen are omit ted in the re turned val ues):

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros




#100 = #11


#101 best mill drill = #2

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