Precision punch and LCD backplane stamping

Dec 06

Precision punch and LCD backplane stamping straightening machine, when it comes to LCD products and LED products, I believe we are not familiar with, and now everywhere in the LCD TV, LCD billboards, LCD large screen, etc., all highlight the charm of LCD products, , LED large screen and other products of diversification, but also to the stamping equipment shine, precision punching face of such a wide range of demanding products, how to make the product stand out, stamping equipment selection is also critical, then, LCD backplane stamping Which punch is the most practical? In fact steel drilling machine, before the purchase of large stamping equipment, first of all to their own processing products have a general understanding, after all, the market variety of punch, processing accuracy, speed Paragraph uneven, plus punch configuration, even the same tonnage Of the punch there are different prices of the status quo is also normal super drill machine, so be sure to root Zelkowa acuminata processing products in the size, thickness, or mold design processing needs to targeted selection, Tonnage of choice will be different, so the processing needs of the product is a very important part. Select the appropriate punch can be mass-produced at the same time greatly enhance the efficiency of production.

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