Reconfigurable CNC System Modular Design Research and Development

Sep 22

CNC technology is undoubtedly the most modern advanced manufacturing technology in the important technical foundation, in a sense, the level of numerical control technology has become the measure of a country’s manufacturing sector is an important symbol. For technical monopoly and monopolize the market and other reasons, the various manufacturers of CNC systems on architecture are mostly closed, the system that is composed of hardware modules and software modules are proprietary, incompatible, interaction between each module communication mechanisms also vary, resulting in a different factory control system is relatively independent of each other closed. NC different manufacturers to develop hardware and software can not replace the lack of compatibility with each other, hindering the upgrading of CNC system, causing a huge waste of manpower, material and financial resources, but also reduces the CNC machine tool producers and users of the market rapid response capability .
To solve this problem fundamentally improve the openness of CNC system becomes very important, we propose a new numerical control system concept eleven modular, reconfigurable, scalable CNC system for this people. i CNC machine control module reconfigurable hardware in recent years, with the improvement of the quality and performance of the PC, increase in the number of people falling prices and deepening familiarity with the PC, so PC-based CNC system has a wider application prospects; and on the PC all kinds of application development and communications software, is more conducive to expansion and integration of CNC systems.
Reconfigurable CNC system proposed by a number of PC and installed on the PC bus card composition control system through their control card for external devices such as servo drive control. PC machine is a standard reconfigurable system of its inherent hardware CPU, BIOS, memory, soft and hard drives, serial / parallel ports, and interrupts, timing, display, keyboard and other control devices can be inserted through the device driver installation and hardware card approach is easily reconfigurable. PC-bus, such as: PCI / ISA bus with a unified standard, but all manufacturers of control card to meet a uniform standard user bus can use the PC’s open bus CNC different control cards or I / O board etc. into a PC, simply by preparing the corresponding hardware device driver to achieve its function, without having to modify the upper layer application software. This means that users can be shielded hardware differences between CNC system through the device driver so that the CNC control system software development independent of hardware devices such original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an end user will not have to suffer from the CNC manufacturer provide hardware constraints.
CNC shows the reconfigurable hardware configuration of the system within the dashed box is a block diagram of the configuration of a standard PC. Hardware platform consists of a standard PC based on a variety of common axis servo control module PCI / ISA bus I7o Module HMI interaction module path interpolation module compiled decoding module cutter compensation preprocessing module cards that reflect the can reconfigurable CNC system hardware standardization, universal characteristics.
Reconfigurable hardware architecture CNC system 2 CNC machine tool control system software reconfigurable module 21 public Component Object Model (COM Abstract referred to CNC machine control system reconfigurable software modules, should first have a better communication and interface standard proposed by Microsoft COM component Object model river to meet this demand.
COM allows applications to share data and program code running on the end user computer. COM is to write applications that can be used by other applications that must comply with the norms. The specification details how the compiler output to provide applications that communicate the executable file, the operating system how to support the details of the communications to allow COM even independent of platform-independent language, so using VB COM applications can be easily to and from the ava or C ++ applications to work together. COM is also a component-issuing unit object model This model makes various software packages can be used in a uniform way to interact. COM provides both interaction between the component specification, also offers interactive environment to achieve, because the interaction between the component object specification does not depend on any particular language, therefore, as a standard different languages ​​developed in collaboration. COM demonstrated a strong ability to adapt, so this year with the development of network junctions, COM got a chance to show. After several years of software development model has become the de facto standard COM components of the software.
Reasonable division module 22 CNC machine control software module division, is the first step in the development of software modules.
CNC software module library modules interface open manner, by prompting the user interface parameters and interface information may start master module, and the operation ends. Different modules inside the black box of the package, the external interface is open, build and implement the new system on this basis. So how to define a reasonable CNC software module external interface module easily standardized, easy to carry out black box inside the package is a key step in our development of numerical control system software module library.
Despite the current method of numerical control system design to system implementation system composed of the basic principles of the difference between dry and software it is similar. In the existing CNC systems and user needs a careful and comprehensive analysis on the basis of the same time, a common feature in the summary of existing systems control structure, and classify them appropriately and abstract basis; I will divide NC system following a few basic functional modules.
Interactive interface module This module Calida as into management, career management program menu edit parameter settings and files and modify the settings in the system before the operation and the operation of the system parameters.
Compile decoding module: This module is mainly based on grammar rules entered NC program will be part of the user-written program syntax, semantic checking and decoding work; various CNC machining information given in the source of extraction separation, into various states and data. The results then processed into the buffer waiting for calls to other modules.
Cutter compensation preprocessing module The module is mainly coriander into the preparatory work before interpolation, namely the part machining information compiled decoded static compensation tool length or radius, to determine the trajectory of the tool center after cutter compensation.
Responsible for acceleration and deceleration control module path interpolation, interpolation, end discrimination, etc., to the position controller output via the feed rate trajectory after the operation.
Axis servo control module in the context of the information by the I / O and interpolation operation obtained by the NC instruction specified by the fine interpolation control machine actuator path and speed of movement.
Input and output inter-module packet detection signal and the location of the machine pressed I / O controller module is responsible and relevant feedback information, the control command output, X is shown with interoperability, portability and scalability, thus NC software can be classified as a basic module library modules.
Reconfigurable CNC software module structure 23 CNC software module operating procedure describes the general workflow CNC system components. As can be seen from the figure, each component must CNC Calida into a number of basic functions, such as CNC component registration, component object creation interface pointer references, and Component Object unloading.
Objects and interfaces, customers to create COM objects and interact with these objects GUID value. COM library through the system registry to learn additional information about the location of components and assembly procedures. The registry is a system-wide operating system within the scope of the common repository of information, and the client component program can access the system registry. The assembly program information and interface information to achieve the COM objects are saved to the system registry to register the component.
Create (2) assembly of objects: client to use COM component does not directly create a COM object, it calls the function in the COM library to daphne to create work. The COM library does not create COM objects directly, but through a COM object class factory object actually create COM objects. It is a schematic diagram to create COM objects via class factory. Factory production base class is a COM object, which can each COM class, there is a special category of the COM class factory object used to create the operation.
NC assembly workflow diagram ⑶ pointer references in DllGetClassObectO Component Object function can be obtained by calling the member function interface pointer QuryInterface and interface pointer stored in the parameter “(4) components to uninstall: When the component programs of the following two conditions are met: a component the number of objects is 0 II class factory lock counter reaches zero components can be uninstalled.
3 Total REMARKS Because PCI PC machine / ISA bus with a unified standard, and each control card manufacturers meet a uniform standard bus, reconfigurable CNC system proposed by PCI PC machine / ISA standard bus and control card system device driver to achieve portability across hardware platforms. By the NC system software structure is reasonable and definition standardized modular decomposition NC component modules library for subsequent system development laid a good foundation, using the COM specification build reconfigurable CNC system can solve software reuse issues and sustainable development and good performance. According to the above method, the initial realization of numerical control system hardware and software modules can be reconstructed. CNC system hardware can solve the poor reliability and a low level of development of a dedicated controller issues have long plagued China. Development and manufacturing of CNC system becomes a software technology research and development as the mainstay, supplemented by a small amount of the development of manufacturing control card, your main hardware devices using a common PC. This will play China’s intellectual superiority, effectively raising the technological level and market competitiveness of our CNC system.

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