Research Network Manufacturing Environment CNC machining technology

Sep 22

21 century, as a typical CNC machining technology advanced manufacturing should be with the globalization of markets, fierce competition, demand for personalized, humane production and manufacturing technology reflects the scientific and information technology services. Currently, the starting rate and utilization rate of CNC machine tools use a limited range of other issues, resulting in a tremendous waste of resources, NC, hindering enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, reduce the advantage of advanced manufacturing. CNC machine tools using technology is not a simple device, but rather a certain scale systems engineering applications. Not only to improve the reliability and stability of the technology in CNC system hardware and software, but also changes in production mode. Development of network technology for the NC transformation offers opportunities in the global manufacturing environment, companies will have different numerical resources linked to exchange information, share resources, mutual cooperation and common increase production capacity.
1 CNC machining technology network consisting of the use of network communication technology, the establishment of a network for CNC machining systems, and online design, manufacture Internet, online monitor online training, online marketing and online management capabilities, advanced manufacturing equipment to make better use of its role, not only can improve processing quality and production efficiency, but also quick to respond to transient market. To this end, we analyze the entire CNC machining process, it can be divided into CAD CAPPCAMMRP (Materials Management Plan) PDM (product data management) Virtual Manufacturing (VM) Remote Control (CAE tool wear monitoring, etc.), and troubleshooting functions 8 links .
For the CNC machine tools and a network connection into a complete system, we need to form a functional link above module, it is necessary to integrate with each network, the establishment of an extranet (Internet) advanced manufacturing, but also to achieve between the various functional modules Related links and modules inside the network, the establishment of advanced manufacturing intranet (intranet). The key technologies include: the establishment of distributed collaborative design of three-dimensional visualization environment; product and graphic simulation of web publishing and browsing; remote product model data; network optimization of process parameters and transmission;; remote process monitoring network transmission model of NC code modification; security mechanism; remote design and manufacture of product model data management systems. In addition, networked manufacturing over traditional manufacturing technology is another advantage of real-time communication across time and space online communications mechanism.
2 Network NC geometric modeling foundation frame product – Process Parameters – A tool path trajectory generation – NC-code transmission -NC code – examples of processing – the lowest job online communication network NC basic work of network processing needs, not consider the physical factors contained in CNC machining, such as material flow, product data management, cutting force and vibration, wear and accuracy. Only by achieving the basic work CNC machining in a networked environment, it is possible to conduct networked research other jobs. Basic work to achieve the following objectives: Geometric Modeling product dynamically publish on the Internet, allowing users to easily and quickly and accurately navigate to your desired design, and can be modified interactively.
Online optimization of process parameters to achieve, respectively, accuracy and processing speed for the optimization objective optimization model to determine cutting parameters.
According to the results of ab automatically generated NC code and pass the track to achieve automatic generation of NC code and remote transmission for the processing of products.
Virtual manufacturing technology and network integration, NC machining process simulation, you can verify the correctness of remote NC code.
e-site processing of the above examples work.
f. In case of doubt the above link, through online communication module to consult each other.
The basic framework of the network as shown in CNC machining, which is based on Internet technology, each link connected to the network based NC machining work, with the Internet global distribution, constructing CNC machining of networked manufacturing environment for global manufacturing lay the foundation for the formation of the environment.
3 Examples a. Geometric modeling of network products production. Using Pro / E software products milling 3D geometric modeling, embedded VRML browser forms Browser Pro / E WRL exported graphic files. For the smooth realization WRL files your Web browser, you must install VRML browser VRML2C or CosmoHayer. Use VRML2C browsing tools to achieve the product graphical Web browser page, it can be a web page for product graphics translation by using around the button, rotate, analog cameras zoom peaceful transfer and other operations.
Take the knife track network production. Using Pro / E software product processing tool path trajectory, then convert it to a bitmap format, use the page to insert the image method to realize pass track Web browsing and publishing.
Network NC machining production. Using Pro / E software products processing 3D geometric graphics simulation, and convert it into a supported Web bitmap animation. Media use screen capture technology, crawling Pro / E environment under CAM systems product processing, the formation of avi video files embedded in Web pages set to complete the NC machining simulation web browser can be used to track the online check processing .
Online communication. Upload and download using technology to complete online communication. As a user client when accessing the above Web page, will appear with their design does not match the place, the need for timely communication. Users can instantaneously capture CAD / CAM graphical Web page, above the completion of their label or recommendation, according to their need to identify files that have saved and then transmitted online, complete rapid exchange.
4 network processing technology is the future development trend of advanced manufacturing. By analyzing network composed of CNC machining technology, basic framework proposed network CNC machining, and demonstration by example the possibility of CNC machining networked manufacturing.

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